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Domaine Jobard Bourland


This estate, one of the smallest in Mercurey, covers 1.8 ha of which 0.3 ha are Chardonnay grapes for a limited production of white wine, while the rest is Pinot Noir, producing the Premier Cru LA BONDUE.
The LA BONDUE Premier Cru "Climat” stands out through the limestone-clay balance of its soil and the red fruit flavour on the palate.
After harvesting by hand and fermentation in a wooden vat, the wine is aged for one and half to two years in oak barrels, to create balance.
The wines of the Domaine Jobard Bourland should be enjoyed in time - we are not trying to sell a vintage that has been bottled straight away. During our tastings we favour wines which are ready to be consumed. We therefore have a wide range of vintages.

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