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Domaine de la Tour


Our estate has been a family-owned business for four generations. Today, Vincent and Renato Fabrici are the owners.

The wine warehouse and offices are located in Lignorelles, in northern Chablis, and the 13-hectare vineyard stretches through the towns of Chitry, Courgis and Chablis.

Passionate about our terroir, we take special care of our vineyard to produce the best possible grapes. We do not use any type of chemical weed killer on our soil and we mechanically till and mark our land. To prevent plant diseases, we use sustainable farming techniques in order to protect our environment.

We make our wines using traditional methods as well as modern techniques (stainless steel, temperature controlled vats, selected yeasts) to bring out the full expression of the terroir specific to each of our wines.

We will be happy to welcome you into our wine warehouses for a tour of our vineyards as well as a tasting session to try our different products.

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