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News - The 2018 vintage is off to a good start in the Bourgogne winegrowing region!

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The 2018 vintage is off to a good start in the Bourgogne winegrowing region!

Let’s take a look at the different stages of development for the vines, to better understand the genesis of the forthcoming vintage.

The 2018 vintage in the Bourgogne wine region © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
  • A slightly later budburst than usual

The month of January was particularly mild and wet, with two-and-a-half times more rainfall than normal. But as soon as February got underway, temperatures slipped well below the average for the season and the weather turned wintry, with the last few days of the month particularly chilly. We then had to wait until a good 10 days into March for a return to more seasonal temperatures, before another cold spell hit on the 18th of the month. In terms of rainfall, March was almost identical to January. When April arrived, the temperatures quickly climbed and were soon above average, really taking off around the 10th. This quick upturn in heat kick-started the vines and the trend continued, leading to very fast budburst followed by some explosive growth. Predictions for the mid-budburst stage were between those dates observed in 2015 and 2010, and somewhat later than normal.

  •  Early flowering and very healthy vines

Although the first few days of May were cool, the temperature rose quickly, and was soon higher than average for the season. Things cooled during the second week, but then the mercury rose again and stayed higher than average.
The first flowers were observed just after mid-May in the earlier sectors. Estimates regarding mid-flowering put 2018 among the earliest in recent years, in third place behind 2007 and 2011.
These consistently high temperatures for the season are very encouraging for growth. In earlier areas, the “closed bunch” stage was predicted to take place at the end of June.
Overall, the vines are very healthy, both leaves and fruit.
Seasonal trends suggest that July will be hot and dry, with August more “normal”, meaning that the 2018 vintage will be able to progress calmly on its way.

The 2018 vintage looks early but of a high quality in Bourgogne.
Three episodes of hail hit some very localized areas in early and mid-July. Fortunately, the vast majority of our beautiful vineyard has been saved.
Our thoughts go out to the affected winemakers.

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