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Save the date : Chardonnay Day 2022

Your favorite wine-day will be back next may.

Save the date : Chardonnay Day 2022


Chardonnay Day is THE day not to be missed for Chardonnay lovers (and therefore for Bourgogne wine lovers). The Bourgogne winegrowing region has become a leader of this event, which mainly takes place on social media, and which was created in California a decade ago.

The Chardonnay grape may have conquered the world, but it’s in Bourgogne that it finds its purest expression, in terroir that brings out all its subtleties.

But remember, Bourgogne’s winegrowers and négociants don’t just produce Chardonnays:
They make Chablis, Pouilly-Fuissé, Montagny, Auxey-Duresses, Bourgogne Tonnerre, Mâcon, and so many more, all from this single emblematic varietal. These wines, each one so delicate, express the differences of geology, meteorology, and the touch of the winemaker in a thousand different ways.

For several years now, Bourgogne wines and their producers have been mobilized on the occasion of this day. Plenty of content across our different social media platforms throughout the day, with the hashtags: #BourgogneWines and #ChardonnayDay. This year, in addition to many educational publications on Chardonnay, we have offered you special #ChardonnayDay filters to personalize your profile photos on Facebook.

Another surprise awaits you next year! You can already note the date of the next Chardonnay Day: it will be Thursday, May 26!

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