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News - The 2017 harvest: much enthusiasm in the Bourgogne region

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The 2017 harvest: much enthusiasm in the Bourgogne region

Most of the grapes have now been picked in the Bourgogne winegrowing region. And in the vines, the mood is one of relief and joy because the 2017 vintage is everything the winegrowers had hoped for.

2017 Harvest in Bourgogne © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez

This year, it all happened very quickly. The harvest began at the end of August, with quality and quantity much in evidence. After a series of vintages that have suffered the whims of the weather - the 2016 in particular - the Bourgogne winegrowing region has returned to cruising speed in terms of production, while averages across the rest of France are down.


What happens to the grapes once they’re picked?

The answer varies, depending on whether the grapes are for white or red wine. Watch these two videos to find out more: 


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