Foire internationale et gastronomique de Dijon - Dijon

Few regions express the notion of “wine civilization” as well as Bourgogne.
Here, wine is the bedrock of traditions and skills handed down through the generations.
Whether you are a confirmed wine-buff or simple enthusiast keen to stimulate the tastebuds,
wine professionals have dreamt up a thousand different ways to initiate you into the secrets of the land the magic of vinification. From north to south, from Chablis to Mâcon, winemakers and merchants await, ready to share a convivial moment. Go on a journey of discovery of these prestigious wines. Whether a tasting in a cellar, a hike through the vineyards, a concert in a winery, a picnic in the vines, or even a running race along the Route des Grand Cru, we invite you to share the passion of the men and women who shape this
unique wine region.

Foire internationale et gastronomique de Dijon
Hours : du 30 octobre au 11 novembre 2021
Where to eat : Parc des Expositions 2 entrées : avenue des Grands Ducs d'Occident et rue Léon Mauris - 21000 Dijon
Price : Free
Description : With 580 exhibitors and more than 160,000 visitors every year, this is the gourmet fall event in the Bourgogne winegrowing region and the sixth biggest fair in France. Every year, a different country is featured, and in 2018, it was Italy, a country reputed for its rich architectural heritage, culture, gastronomy, creativity and dolce vita!

The Pavillon d'Honneur showcased artisans who are specialists in Italian gastronomy, selected by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Lyon. The restaurant offered very tasty traditional dishes. A wide range of events were organized over the course of 11 days.

Visitors were also able to discover the wines of Piedmont, one of Italy’s most prestigious winegrowing regions, during the Vinidivio fair from 1-4 November. Some 15 producers offered 80 wines for tasting and direct sale.

Les Rencontres Gourmandes is enjoying a new dynamic, driven by the recently-elected President of the Amicale des Cuisiniers, one-star chef Stéphane Derbord. This encapsulates a more wide-reaching program and a greater presence of renowned chefs. Demonstrations, cookery workshops, events for children, and food-wine pairings were on offer throughout the event.

The partnership with the prestigious Loiseau restaurants, which began in 2017, was continued with a competition for amateur chefs, demonstrations by two-star chef Patrick Bertron, and a pop-up gastronomic lunchtime restaurant with teams from Loiseau des Ducs (one Michelin star in Dijon) and Loiseau des Vignes (one Michelin star in Beaune), on 7 and 8 November.

It also included some of the key events that have helped make the show’s name, such as La Ferme Côte-d'Or (from 2-5 November) and the latest products on offer from different sectors.
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All dates :
- From 06 November 2020 to 15 November 2020
- From 30 October 2021 to 11 November 2021

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